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Why Play Anywhere Else: How We Built Sticks Baseball into a National Brand is not just a book; it's a journey through the trials and triumphs of a relentless dreamer in the competitive world of youth baseball. Brewster, with candor and insight, invites readers into the heart of his baseball program, Sticks Baseball, and its evolution from a fledgling team to a nationally recognized player placement organization with a sweeping impact.

A testament to the resilience of a visionary and the power of believing in oneself, the book serves as a masterclass in transformation—Brewster's transformation from a struggling coach to a visionary leader, and the transformation of his baseball academy into a launchpad for athletes aspiring to college and major league baseball.

This book transcends the realm of sports; it's about leadership, innovation, and the audacious belief that you can set the world ablaze with a single spark of an idea. Brewster's storytelling captivates with anecdotes, from the inception of his groundbreaking Sticks Fall League to the exhilaration of coaching in prestigious events like the Area Code Games, all while navigating the intricate dynamics of team management and player development.

At the heart of Brewster's journey are ten foundational pillars that he attributes to his success—from nurturing curiosity and creativity to the strategic use of time, and the embracing of mentorship. Brewster shares how staying true to these principles guided him through the complexities of managing and expanding Sticks Baseball Academy.

Brewster's narrative is also a personal one. He doesn't just share his successes; he bares his soul, revealing the profound moments that define him not just as a coach but as a person. From the thrill of victories to the agony of unexpected challenges, his story is a vivid reminder that the road to success is paved with more than just talent; it involves hard work, strategic thinking, and sometimes, a leap into the unknown.

Why Play Anywhere Else: How We Built Sticks Baseball into a National Brand is as gripping as it is enlightening on multiple levels. While it underscores the importance of dreaming big, the necessity of support systems, and the power of community, it’s also an homage to the underdog, a blueprint for trailblazers, and a beacon for anyone with a dream seemingly out of reach.

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